Our Company

From the date of its formation the company IZOTERMS was planning the strategy of its development in the field of industrial production. Having started in 1991 as the trader of steel products, the company has purposefully positioned itself on the Baltic market as a manufacturer and supplier of building purpose steel constructions, and as a producer and supplier of industrially insulated pipes for central heating systems. convenient access roads both for railway and automobile transport.

A great team of skilled and professional production, technical and engineering workers has formed during the years of operation. The enterprise’ structure consists of 2 projecting bureaus, manufacturing complex, building team and retail trading department. Retail trading of steel products is realized today form Riga warehouse with total square of about 16 thousand square meters. The company possesses with Customs Warehouse and several Consignment Warehouses with convenient access roads both for railway and automobile transport.

Projects supported by «LIAA»

Izoterms Ltd input of outsized polyethylene insulated pipes production

Izoterms Ltd has signed the Agreement no. L-JPR-11-0128 with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for the project implementation “Izoterms Ltd input of outsized polyethylene insulated pipes production“ (Project Nr. JPR/ The above mentioned project is financed with the cooperation of European Regional Development Fund. Within this project the equipment for the production of the insulated polyethylene pipes with the diameter till 1200 mm is installed at the factory in Vangazhi. The project will be implemented till the 1st of May, 2012.

Metalworking industry professional training project

 „IZOTERMS” Ltd. is participating in "Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries Association" and "Latvian Investment and Development Agency" (LIDA) implemented by the Metalworking professional training project (No. L-APA-10-0027), which is funded by the European Social Fund.

At the training project will be trained more than 20 "IZOTERMS" Ltd. employees, who will raise their professional skills, improve production management expertise, as well as learn new skills in technical fields.